Welcome to DragonVPN

We've created DragonVPN to be a powerful but easy to setup and use VPN service that integrates with any OpenVPN client.

Using DragonVPN allows you to do things like access region-restricted websites and shield your traffic from your ISP.

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DragonVPN Highlights

Kill Switch Engage - Automatically kill the server you were just connected to and spin up another on demand

Go Fast Or Go Home - Stream, download and enjoy the internet at full speed

No Logs - Freedom of information and privacy is at the heart of everything we do

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Get started with DragonVPN

1 - Sign up to DragonVPN

2 - In a few minutes we'll send you a VPN connection file

3 - Simply install the connection file into any OpenVPN client and begin using the internet with the security of DragonVPN

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Where can I find an OpenVPN client?

For OS X we recommend the excellent Tunnelblick

For Windows we recommend OpenVPN

For Android and iOS search for OpenVPN client in the app store.

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